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How To Find The Best Family Law Attorney

You may feel confused about the legal process and be overwhelmed at the same time on how you could proceed with it if you’re facing an end to your marriage. Not only that, you may also be afraid that making wrong decisions can cause you to forfeit some of your property, lose time with your children or even take a big financial hit.

So, it is vital that you hire a qualified and experienced family law attorney who can help and guide you through the process before you proceed. And to be sure that you are choosing the right attorney, here are questions that you need to ask to your prospects.

Question number 1. What’s the communication policy of the law firm – it will be necessary to know about the response time of the firm for day to day questions and what form of communication the office prefers be it email or telephone calls. By being able to know the communication policy of the law firm can help you on contacting them and getting quick response.
Question number 2. How many cases does every lawyer is handling at one time – if it’s an office with huge volume of cases, then you must know the procedures they have in place to be able to manage the big workload they have. It is going to be helpful if you ask if they have staffs who can assist with the caseload or, if there is a point of contact in emergency cases.
Question number 3. What type of price guarantees in place – there are lots of family law attorneys who are billing their clients on hourly basis but some are charging a flat rate for all the work performed. Ask for price outline if the flat rate is not used; this way you can have idea on the approximate idea for total price. Make it a point that you have understood their pricing structure so you will be able to plan for the upcoming impact on your finances.

Question number 4. What are the things the past clients say about the firm – it is a must to ask your prospect lawyer to present you testimonials from their previous clients. You may even check online for some review sites. These reviews can actually give you pattern that will likely provide you good idea of what you would be dealing with in relation to client service.

Question number 5. What is the level of experience the law firm has in cases like yours – in particular, try to inquire about the depth of knowledge that the lawyer has with the case you have and what is their track record regarding this field.